Her skin looks so baby smooth!

When John tells Becky that the girl who sits several seats away is pretty, Becky seems to be a little jealous….
  John: She’s really pretty, isn’t she?  Her skin looks so baby smooth!
  Becky: Well, it’s just that she puts lots of make-up on her face.  Actually, natural beauty comes from within.
  John: Ah, I can smell jealousy in the air!
  Becky: She has nothing that deserves my jealousy.  I don’t have to put things on my face and I still look pretty.  Don’t you think so?
  John: Yeah, right!  But what did you put on your face last night, those little greenish things?
  Becky: They’re cucumbers.  They’re natural skin soothers, natural healers of the skin.  Haven’t you heard them say on TV that…erh…they soften the skin, wipe out the roughness, counter irritation, and build strength and resilience?
  John: Yeah, yeah, yeah!  They wipe out tight, tired feelings and remove lines and age signs.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!  See I can even recite it. 
  Becky: That’s right!  You’ve learned a lot, haven’t you?

Hear the whole conversation.

Hear the whole conversation.